We represent artists; our mission getting their work reproduced on consumer products.

We stay informed about the current and upcoming trends in art, fashion and home so that we have the art and designs in-hand when our customers need it.

As a resource for manufacturers we supply the artwork they need to
enhance their products.

What We Do

For the manufacturer that needs help discovering the perfect artwork for their product range:

  • We specialize in working with our artists and licensing customers to find images, designs and creative ways to enhance the manufacturer’s products.
  • We have access to current trend-setting images.
  • We introduce new collections and fresh, unique artists to our archive of images.
  • We offer a variety of themes – including contemporary, fantasy, nature, floral, landscapes and seasonal.

For the artist interested in seeing their work reproduced on product:

  • We have an established network of manufacturers we work direct with. With placement in all product categories including paper goods, tabletop, apparel, textiles, home décor and gift products.
  • We are experienced in negotiating and securing the best possible licensing contracts for the artist.
  • We alleviate our artist from the paper trail associated with contracts; allowing them to have the time they need to do what they do best, create new artwork.