Debbie Richmond


About the Artist

debbierichmond.jpgDebbie Richmond lives in Memphis, Tennessee, where her paintings have won countless awards both locally and nationally, and numerous one-woman shows.

“I truly enjoy painting still life and landscapes, but painting animals is my passion. The greatest joy an artist can receive is to capture the personality, the moment in time, and the facial expressions that only one who loves animals can understand. In a portrait, I find the eyes are the heart and soul into telling an animal’s story.”

“When a viewer says they felt a connection through a dog’s devoted gaze, a deer’s startled glance or the penetration of a tiger’s glare, I know I have accomplished my mission.” ~Debbie

Debbie has launched and directs the Pointe South Studio, a private painting studio and artist management organization in Memphis, and is active in organizations that promote the protection and care of children and the humane treatment of animals. She belongs to many local and national organizations that include: The Wildlife Artists Association, Memphis Germantown Art League, and Women Artist of the West. Information on Debbie Richmond Limited Edition Prints is available through Debbie’s website