Giselle Huberman




About the Artist

Giselle Huberman is a graphic designer with +20 years of professional experience. Design and creativity have always been Giselle’s passion; an enthusiastic learner she is constantly finding new areas of interest to learn from.

Being a designer in the web-based world has taught Giselle about being proactive and creative on demand, being detail oriented and able to meet all deadlines on schedule.

Focusing on surface pattern design, Giselle’s work is typically created digitally. Having an expert knowledge of Adobe Illustrator® and Photoshop® ensures her art is easy for manufacturers to work with and adapt to product. Giselle’s art is wide-ranging; colorful, bold, graphically simple to detailed and carefully designed.

A love of the Chinese culture, Giselle has been studying the Chinese language since 2009. Living in Buenos Aires, Argentina with her husband, two sons and the family dog, Giselle lives a happy life.