Liz Leines







About the Artist

lizlLiz Leines, an award winning Pacific Northwest artist and photographer, has over 20 years experience in commercial design, photography, and fine art. Whether she is shopping in a metropolitan district or hiking the extremely varied terrain of the Pacific Northwest’s gardens, mountains, beaches and more, each and every day Liz soaks in design inspiration from her surroundings and keeps an open eye for design and color trends that she then applies to her art.

Liz is accustomed to designing and creating collections, working under tight deadlines, and customizing art to her clients needs. New design challenges and a wide variety of subject matter and art styles keeps Liz excited about the art she creates.

Her art and photography studio is situated on the top floor of an old historic building overlooking her city’s down town, the bay, the Cascade Mountain Range and spectacular Mount Rainier.

Liz divides her time between her rustic beach cabin on a small island in Puget Sound and her century old Victorian style home in a nearby city. She lives with her husband, two sons, and a Chocolate Labrador.