Patty Finnigan




About the Artist


Art has been a passion for Patty Finnigan since she was very young and, after working as a commercial artist for over 20 years, Patty is still amazed and grateful that she can spend each day doing what she most enjoys. Being an artist in the corporate world taught her about being creative on demand, designing within manufacturing constraints, meeting continual deadlines and the value of computer graphics as a powerful art tool. They were valuable lessons but left little time for truly creative exploration. Now that she is working on her own, Patty feels exhilarated by the artistic freedom and look forward to evolving into new styles and techniques. Artists have a deeply personal relationship to the art they create because it is a reflection of how they see the world and what they hold meaningful. Inspired by the beautiful colors and graceful lines found everywhere in nature, those are the qualities Patty likes to achieve in her designs. Working from my home in the beautiful, green Pacific Northwest, surrounded by mountains and water, fir trees and rhododendrons, her own flower garden and a lively population of birds for inspiration. Art is often a solitary occupation so Patty appreciates the companionship of her cat and two dogs as she creates her images. Grateful to be living her childhood dream Patty hopes that joy is conveyed in her art.